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Description Event Date Location Expiration Date
Private Event: Emma and Dave, Engaged March 13th, 2017 Nashville, TN June 11th, 2017
Private Event: Emily and Issac, Engaged February 7th, 2017 Nashville, TN May 8th, 2017
Private Event: The Ferris Family 2016 January 12th, 2017 Nashville, TN April 12th, 2017
Private Event: Katie and Vishal, Engaged January 9th, 2017 Nashville, TN April 9th, 2017
Private Event: Lauren + Corey | Married October 1st, 2016 Nashville, TN April 8th, 2017
Private Event: Maria + Chase | Engaged August 15th, 2016 Nashville, TN August 15th, 2017
Private Event: Michelle + Chris | Engaged August 9th, 2016 Nashville, TN August 9th, 2017
Private Event: Meagan + Aaron | Engaged December 3rd, 2015 Nashville, TN July 5th, 2017